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Experience & Solutions
for Emerging
Cannabis Businesses

You’ve decided to launch your cannabis business at the best possible time, when the industry is taking off.  To hit the ground running, you will need expert advisors on hand to assist in starting up in this highly-regulated industry.


We utilize our deep understanding and extensive history with cannabis industry regulations and operations to prepare business licensing applications and advise on business formation strategy.  


When you add RZA Solutions to your team, we bring expert guidance and compliance training to implement efficient systems and promote best practices to ensure the

success of your licensed cannabis business.  Our professionals understand cultivation, manufacturing, retail and hospitality operations as well as the regulations over these types of cannabis businesses. 


Experienced advisors in start-up cannabis strategy, regulatory compliance, facility design and audits, operating procedures and staff training are integral to growing your cannabis business at the pace it deserves — not to mention save hundreds of headaches and thousands of dollars in the process.


There are a lot of cannabis consultants out there - but how many of them have spent years working in the first regulated adult-use market in the world? 

 That's where we come in.

Our Roots

Having first-hand experience watching what can make and break a successful cannabis business venture, we know the value of preparing approval-worthy licensing applications, implementing efficient systems, maintaining standard operating procedures and operational manuals that comply with state regulations and incorporate best practices, and proper training of those tending your most valuable assets.  


Our lengthy experience with multiple facets of the Colorado cannabis market combined with our east coast origins inspired us to establish RZA Solutions to provide much needed perspective and expertise to the emerging cannabis markets of the northeast.

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Compliance and Operational Training

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Implement Efficiency &
Cultivate Compliance

Business Licensing Preparation

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State & Local

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Get in touch with RZA Solutions to learn more about our expertise, offerings, and prices.

Adding cannabis business expertise to your team has never been easier.

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